We are absolutely delighted to announce Geoff Wightman as our official announcer for The Aintree & Cheltenham Classic 10km Run!

Geoff is an extremely experienced commentator and highly regarded within the world of athletics. Geoff has an impressive commentary portfolio including his roles at:

– The London 2012 Olympic Games
– London 2017 World Outdoor Track & Field Championships
– Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
– Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
– Birmingham 2018 World Indoors Track & Field Championships
– London Marathon finish line since 1991
– New York Marathon since 2013

As a man of many talents, Geoff is also one of Britain’s top coaches with world class athletes from the 800m to the marathon!

He has been kind enough to create a training plan for us which you can read about below:

10k, here you come…

Congratulations if you have chosen one of the Classic Runs as your first ever 10k. The whole series promises to be memorable and accessible for newcomers. If you are keeping the faith with a New Year’s Resolution that you made, give yourself plenty of time to build up gradually, ideally at least a 70-day preparation. It’s worth the effort and this challenge isn’t something that you can cram for in the final week.

Get yourself some plausible running shoes and find yourself a running partner (dogs are keen but erratic sometimes) or a family member on a bike, if you can ,and away we go.

Aim to get out 2-3 times per week, around your summer schedule, even if you begin with a mile or two of walking, just to get yourself rolling. Then increase it steadily, something like this:

Week One: two x one-mile walks

Week Two: three x one-mile run/walks

Week Three: two x one-mile run/walks and one two-mile run/walk

Week Four: three x two-mile run/walks

Week Five: two x two- mile runs and one three-mile run/walk

Week Six: three x three-mile runs

Week Seven: two x three-mile runs and one x four-mile run

Week Eight: two x four and one x five-mile run

Week Nine: three x five mile-runs

Week Ten: five-mile run, six mile run and your Classic Run

Don’t expect it all to go completely smoothly. If you are struggling to maintain running as you go through the mid-part of the schedule, then walk for a bit. If it was meant to be easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s a challenge. Persevere.

Two things to note– try your nearest parkrun somewhere around week five or six, just to give yourself an intermediate (5k) target. Also, with about 2-3 weeks to go, extend one of your runs to six or seven miles if you feel comfortable doing so. That way, you will reassure yourself that you are going to get around the Classic distance comfortably and the only question is ‘how fast?’ Good luck and enjoy it all. Even Week Three.