A Classic Road Race
A World Class Venue

Sunday 6th October 2019

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Hollicom Events was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating, planning and delivering a series of innovative new mass participation running events across the length and breadth of the UK. There are now hundreds of events across the country all helping participants to achieve their own personal goals. Those can be to get fit, lose weight, run a personal best or raise money for charity. Our aim is to create a different experience for runners of all abilities, from beginners to elite athletes. Hollicom events will take place in new and exciting venues and locations where, during the normal course of a week, the general public cannot run. We have an ambition to create events which allow all of the family to come together to participate in healthy activities on a regular basis. We want people to enjoy the atmosphere of a Hollicom event.  The music, the cheers, the laughter, the sighs of relief and pride experienced upon crossing the finishing line.

Our events will not only attract the 30 minute 10km runner but also the 2 hour runner who wants to start on the ladder of personal improvement.We are also passionate about wanting to support charities raise lots of funds through our events for some worthwhile causes.

We want everyone to enjoy our events because our events are for everyone.

See you on the start line!

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The Ayr Classic Run –

A classic road race at a world class venue.
Hollicom Events, Ayr Racecourse,Reach Plc
announce the launch of the “The Ayr Classic Run”.

The Ayr Classic Run will take place at one of the world’s most famous racecourses:
· Ayr, Home of the Scottish Grand National

Where else can you get the chance to run in such an awe inspiring, iconic venue? Experience the unique atmosphere of The Ayr Classic Run on Sunday 6th October 2019. In addition to the 5 Mile event, there will also be a Junior Run and a Family Mile. There is something for all the family at this mass participation event.  So don’t wait until the horse has bolted and enter today here.

Ayr Event